About Us



The mandate of the Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery is to provide opportunities to expand the knowledge and understanding of the culture and heritage of Humboldt and area. In public trust, the Museum and Gallery preserve and provide public access to the area’s heritage, culture, and visual arts by collecting, preserving, researching, interpreting and exhibiting artifacts, archival records and information. Humboldt’s unique heritage provides an opportunity to create a context where heritage continues to be valued, promoted and conserved.



The community enthusiastically supported the Museum’s development and it opened to the public in 1982. Many people generously donated their time, talent and artifacts. The Museum and Gallery received a substantial boost when the collection from St. Peter’s Abbey at Muenster was donated. The St. Peter’s artifacts included one of the oldest collections of natural history specimens in the province, started in the 1920s.

Community support is the most important aspect of the Museum and Gallery operations. The City of Humboldt has committed to the preservation of its heritage and culture through core funding. The Friends of the Museum group was formed in 1994 and the Humboldt and District Museum and Gallery Public Foundation followed in 1996. The Archives within the museum operations were created in 2003 to collect and preserve public documents from the area.

The Gallery was opened in 2014 after several years of planning. This new space aims to promote the arts in Humboldt and area by showcasing talented local, provincial and national artists' work and providing accessible programming to complement these shows. 

The Museum strives to share its wealth of information with the public through its exhibits, publications, education programs, outreach activities and research facilities.

Operational funding for the Humboldt and District Museum and Gallery is provided by the City of Humboldt and SaskCulture.