Historic Sites

A city reveals its unique past through its historic buildings, but cultural heritage can also extend beyond bricks and mortar. Humboldt’s pre-1920 buildings and street signs are just a couple aspects of the downtown core that add to the City's history and collective memory. Join us in celebrating Humboldt’s past through discovering the City’s commemorative street signs and historic buildings. Each site embodies a story that we invite you to discover.

Through our research, we have pieced together a brief history of these sites based on their occupancy and use, rather than architectural revisions. It is not the complete story. History reveals itself each day through the memories of people who used these buildings and sites. If you have any stories about these historic landmarks, we would love to hear from you. 

Here's how to get in touch: contact the Museum at 306-682-5226 or email us at humboldt.museum@sasktel.net


This research was completed in collaboration with the Humboldt Downtown Business Improvement Committee and the Department of Cultural Services.

Click on the links below to learn more about Humboldt's historic buildings and street signs:

Humboldt and District Museum                                   Humboldt and District Gallery

Water Tower                                                                Humboldt's Historic Street Signs

Brickhouse Clothing                                                    Yuen's Family Clothing

Center Stage Music                                                    Windsor Hotel

Courthouse and Land Titles building                          Uptown Barber Shop   

Cutting Edge Flooring                                                 Railway Station

Fields Department Store                                            Modern Meat

The Co-operators